Bruce's assemblies can be customized to meet your scheduling needs.

Bruce's assemblies are very engaging and reinforce classroom instruction.

See the form below for details.


-Science, Stories, and Serious Silliness

-Character Counts

-Sing a Story

-Add-On Option: Super Silly Sing-A-Long*

*Available for large audiences added onto one of the programs above or in a single classroom as a behavior incentive or other reward)


“From the moment you sang your first song until the last tune was played, you had the entire school of kids, totally enthralled with you! Even the "too cool for school" 4th graders participated and were laughing and singing along! Our principal and teachers were so impressed, that we have already made a unanimous decision to book you for next year. Booking was easy, and you were very flexible and accommodating for our special scheduling needs. Again, thank you!!

 -Carol Mayer   

 Assembly coordinator for Highland Elementary School