Christian Family Concert

Help Families Live Out Their Faith!

The Christian Family Concert is a musical reminder for families to live out their faith in the simplest of ways.

Songs like Have Faith, Sunday School is Cool, Ways to Praise, Live What I Teach, and many more encourage every member of the family- from toddlers to grandparents to grow in their Christian faith.  With a laugh and a lesson in every song, this concert is sure to be a hit at your event!

Science, Stories, and Serious Silliness

For Libraries and Schools

“As always, Bruce, I am in awe of your ability to connect with the children and touch each and every one of them through your songs and music. It was quite obvious by the children’s participation that they enjoyed your presentation as well as the adults in the audience. You have a great thing going!”

- Cindy H.

Family Reading Night

Great For Library and School Evening Events

“From the moment you sang your first song until the last tune was played, you had the entire school of kids totally enthralled with you! Even the ‘too cool for school’ 4th graders participated and were laughing and singing along! Our principal and teachers were so impressed that we have already made a unanimous decision to book you for next year. Booking was easy and you were very flexible and accommodating for our special scheduling needs. Again, thank you!!

-Carol M.

Super Silly Sing-A-Long

Laughing All The Way Home!

Sometimes it's fun to get a little silly (or a lot silly)! That's just what happens during Bruce Fite's Super Silly Sing-A-Long. This 30-minute concert (or concert add-on) is chock full of fun sing-a-long songs. From old favorites, like I've Been Working on the Railroad and You Are My Sunshine to movin' and groovin' songs like The Hokey Pokey and The Ants Go Marching. This fun-filled silly extravaganza also includes original songs by Bruce Fite. These songs are easy to sing along with and even have motions and lyrics that will have you laughing all the way home!